Working with an APEG Educational Pro

When you have a client situation you would like to discuss with an experienced educator that also has a financial planning background, take advantage of APEG's Pro Desk to work with one of our independent educators. Our team of independent educators that make up the APEG Pro Desk can work with you to help you use your redacted client fact pattern in a private tutoring session to discuss how they might address that type of client's financial planning goals. Our pro will discuss their thoughts on:

·        Gathering the appropriate information

·        Analyzing the client's current course of action without further planning

·        Developing and evaluating possible alternative courses of action

·        Communication techniques that may be effective

·        Typical implementation techniques

Your Pro will conduct a courtesy 10-minute overview call to discuss the situation from a bird's eye view to determine if they can be a value-add to the situation. If so, they will quote the amount of time necessary to complete a private tutoring session.

If you would like to move forward with the proposed tutoring session, you will be instructed to purchase the time discussed during the overview call on the APEG site. The fee charged for the time purchased will be paid to the independent educator and APEG will retain a processing fee.

It is important to note that Pro can discuss the case from an educational perspective only with you and may not communicate directly with the client the tutoring session is based on.

After the private tutoring session, you are required to develop your own specific recommendations for your client’s situation, being mindful of your fiduciary obligation, your licensure, your obligation to adhere to your firms’ requirements and your own independent detailed analysis of the situation.

You may not communicate with your client that the information discussed with the APEG Pro was a recommendation of any type.

The APEG Pro's private tutoring session is an individual effort and not endorsed by APEG.

Unless specifically identified in a separate written agreement, no APEG Pro delivers legal or tax advice.

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